ZTE and Netgem Introduce N9000 Android TV STB with “Immersive TV” Service

ZTE and Netgem Introduce N9000 Android TV STB with “Immersive TV” Service

ZTE has partnered with Netgem, a European company specializing in digital entertainment innovations, to introduce the N9000 Android TV STB and Netgem’s “Immersive TV” service. This collaboration aims to provide users with an ultimate cloud gaming experience while offering telecom operators valuable differentiation opportunities in the competitive market.

The N9000 Android TV STB, combined with Netgem’s operator overlay, promises smooth and engaging gaming experiences. It revolutionizes entertainment options for users and creates exciting prospects for operators looking to attract younger subscribers. This partnership also enhances customer loyalty by offering over 400 games and additional entertainment services.

At the core of the N9000 Android TV STB is advanced cloud technology, eliminating the need for users to download and store large game files. Games can be streamed live from the cloud, allowing access to a wide range of games without any restrictions on space or performance. This streamlined process also facilitates game updates.

The N9000 Android TV STB with Netgem Immersive TV delivers realistic high-resolution graphics and immersive sound effects. Whether it’s action, racing, or storyline-based games, this innovative technology ensures smooth gameplay and an authentic gaming experience. With a high-performance processor and intelligent optimization technology, the N9000 Android TV STB enhances enjoyment and engagement in gaming.

The N9000 Android TV STB seamlessly integrates with traditional pay-TV services, providing users with a multi-threaded entertainment experience. In addition to cloud gaming, users can access a wide range of content, including TV shows, movies, children’s content, and sports, all through the same user interface. This integration represents a significant milestone as games become an integral part of the TV experience.

The partnership between ZTE and Netgem goes beyond hardware and software. Both companies will conduct comprehensive marketing activities and other forms of collaboration to strengthen their competitive advantage in the N9000 Android TV STB and Netgem Immersive TV platform market. This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies, providing expanded entertainment possibilities and accelerating the development of the entertainment industry for telecom operators.