“You’ve Got My Back” Field Research in Pokémon Go: A Cash Grab or Worthwhile Investment?

“You’ve Got My Back” Field Research in Pokémon Go: A Cash Grab or Worthwhile Investment?

As part of the Ultra Unlock Part 2 event, Niantic introduced the second wave of Palde Pokémon along with a specific field research called “You’ve Got My Back”. However, instead of living up to its promise of supporting us, it seemed more interested in our wallets. To gain access to it, trainers had to purchase a $5 ticket. That may sound reasonable, but there’s a catch: all the rewards, including encounters with the exclusive Pokémon Pawmi, were already available in the wild. In other words, trainers were essentially paying for the convenience of accessing those rewards through the research.

What did the field research offer? It included egg incubators, two Pawmi encounters, 10 silver Pinap berries, 3 rare candies, 921 stardust, and 9210 Stardust. While these rewards may seem enticing at first, they quickly lose their charm when we realize that Pawmi encounters can be found freely in the wild, and the amount of stardust and Stardust provided is relatively modest.

What’s worse, backup copies of Pawmi are currently available for purchase in the in-game store for 250 PokéCoins. This means that trainers were essentially paying for something that is available at a much lower price.

In summary, the “You’ve Got My Back” field research left many trainers disappointed and questioning its value. Why spend $5 on Pawmi encounters when they can be found in the wild? Why invest in small amounts of stardust and Stardust that can easily be obtained during a short gameplay session?

It can be safely said that this field research seems more like a greedy cash grab than a worthwhile investment. Trainers have expressed their dissatisfaction, and many believe that Niantic missed the mark with this particular event.

What are your thoughts on the “You’ve Got My Back” field research? Do you think it was a quick money-grab? Share your opinions below and let’s start a discussion.


  • Field Research (Timed Research): A time-limited set of tasks and rewards in Pokémon Go that require players to complete specific goals within a specified time.
  • PokéCoins: Virtual currency used in Pokémon Go to purchase various items and services.


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