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    Your Voice, Your Speech Synthesizer: Exciting New Feature in Windows 11


    Feb 11, 2024
    Twój głos, twój syntezator mowy

    Testers have discovered an intriguing feature called “Your Voice, Your Speech Synthesizer” in the Windows 11 version 26052, available for Canary and Dev channels. Although it has not been included in the official list of changes provided by Microsoft, it is already visible in the system settings. Interestingly, it can be used after installing the appropriate component, meaning that everyone will be able to teach their system to speak using their own voice.

    The description of the “Your Voice, Your Speech Synthesizer” function reveals how it can be used. It involves creating a voice avatar based on our own voice, which does not sound like a soulless machine. This will allow us to input text that will be reproduced by our personal speech synthesizer during both real-life and online meetings.

    The “Speak for Me” command has been placed in the accessibility section and has its own keyboard shortcut: Win + Ctrl + T. However, we have to wait for the readiness of this feature to be implemented.

    This innovative feature in Windows 11 will allow us to personalize our speech synthesizer, which will undoubtedly contribute to a more convenient operation of our operating system. We will be able to use our own voice while reading text, creating a more natural and pleasant auditory experience. This is another step by Microsoft in providing users with comprehensive tools that allow for full customization of Windows 11 to our individual preferences. Let’s be prepared for a future where our own voice becomes our speech synthesizer.

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