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    Who owns the Game Awards?


    Nov 20, 2023
    Who owns the Game Awards?


    The Game Awards is the creation of Geoff Keighley, a well-known Canadian video game journalist and television presenter. Keighley founded the event in 2014 and has been its driving force ever since. As the creator and executive producer, he has control over the entire show and is responsible for its overall direction and execution.

    Geoff Keighley:

    Geoff Keighley is a prominent figure in the video game industry. He has worked as a journalist, television presenter, and producer, covering various gaming events and hosting programs such as “G4tv.com” and “GameTrailers TV”. Keighley’s passion for games and extensive knowledge in the industry have made him a respected authority in this field.


    Q: Is the Game Awards a profitable event?
    A: Yes, the Game Awards is a profitable event. It generates revenue through sponsors, advertisements, and partnerships with various gaming companies.

    Q: Does Geoff Keighley have any partners or investors?
    A: Geoff Keighley, although the driving force behind the Game Awards, collaborates with several gaming companies that support and promote the event. However, the exact nature of these partnerships and any financial arrangements remain undisclosed.

    Q: Does owning the Game Awards affect the integrity of the awards?
    A: Owning the Game Awards does not necessarily affect the integrity of the awards. Geoff Keighley strives to maintain transparency and fairness in the selection process, ensuring that winners are chosen based on merit and industry recognition.

    In summary: Geoff Keighley is the owner and executive producer of the Game Awards. His passion for games and dedication to the industry have made these awards a significant event in the gaming calendar. While owning the Game Awards may raise questions, Geoff Keighley’s commitment to transparency and fair play ensures that the awards remain a respected and esteemed platform for recognizing excellence in the gaming industry.