Upcoming RPG Game Releases

Upcoming RPG Game Releases

Welcome to another edition of Upcoming RPG Game Releases! In today’s lineup, we have a variety of RPGs ranging from action-packed adventures to life simulations with unique mechanics. Enjoy the read!

Legend of Nayuta

Legend of Nayuta is a 2012 action RPG ported to PlayStation Portable, set to be released on September 19th for PS4, Switch, and Windows. While not a completely new game for Trails series fans, it offers a refreshing interlude before the next installments. Nayuta features an intriguing combat system and gameplay mechanics, making it a must-try for avid Trails fans.

Lies of P

Scheduled for release on September 19th across multiple platforms, including PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, Switch, and Windows, Lies of P takes a darker and more brutal twist on the classic Pinocchio tale. In this action RPG styled after Soulsborne games, players will experience challenging melee combat and decision-making mechanics. Choosing to lie or tell the truth will impact the story’s development, adding an interesting twist to the familiar narrative.


Debuting on September 21st for PS5, Switch, and Windows, Mon-Yu is a first-person dungeon exploration game developed by Experience studio. Known for their intricate party customization and exploration, the creators of this new game have focused on monster-slaying, acquiring powerful weapons and armor, and ultimately defeating the Devil King. With a strong aesthetic design and demanding gameplay experience, Mon-Yu is sure to captivate fans of this genre.

Moonstone Island

Releasing on September 21st for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Moonstone Island stands out among “cozy” games with its intense pixelated graphics and unique mechanics. This life simulation offers numerous features, including card-based combat, monster collecting, island exploration, farming and crafting, relationship-building, and alchemy training. With 100 islands to discover and 60 tamed spirits, Moonstone Island promises hours of immersive gameplay.

RuinsMagus: Complete

Originally released on Steam last year, RuinsMagus: Complete comes to PlayStation VR2 on September 19th. This Japanese role-playing game offers exclusive virtual reality experiences through its unique gameplay mechanics. If you’re a fan of VR games and jRPGs, it’s definitely worth checking out.

That concludes our lineup of Upcoming RPG Game Releases. Whether you’re a fan of turn-based combat or visually stunning adventures, you’re sure to find something for yourself. Get ready for epic journeys, crucial decision-making, and the exploration of new worlds in these exciting releases.