Title: What Happens if the Government-Provided Laptops are Damaged or Lost?

Title: What Happens if the Government-Provided Laptops are Damaged or Lost?

The first students have received government laptops – what happens if they are damaged or lost? The government’s “Laptop for Student” program aims to equalize educational opportunities and support curriculum implementation. Under this program, the government will provide free laptops to all fourth-grade students in primary schools. In total, this will amount to almost 400,000 devices, but individual regions will receive different computer models.

In case of laptop damage, a lot depends on the type of malfunction and the form of equipment transfer. If the device has been taken over as property, the parent will have to provide a laptop with identical specifications or return the money. The refund amount depends on the time of malfunction occurrence after signing the agreement and the value of the computer provided.

If the laptop has been provided under a loan agreement, the parent or guardian will be obliged to return the equipment in an undamaged condition. In case of damage or loss, it will be necessary to return the money, and the refund amount depends on the agreement date and the laptop’s value.

In the case of damage caused by construction defects, the laptop will be repaired based on the warranty. It is advisable to contact the school authority to obtain information about warranty procedures. All laptops are covered by a 36-month door-to-door warranty, which allows repairs to be made at school or using courier services at the manufacturer’s expense.

It is important to remember that the “Laptop for Student” program allows for certain hardware modifications, but it is not allowed to affect warranty conditions.

Source: Samorządowy PAP Service