Title: PayDay 3 Withdraws Denuvo Before Game Release

Title: PayDay 3 Withdraws Denuvo Before Game Release

The developers of PayDay 3 have announced that they are discontinuing the use of Denuvo before the game’s release on September 21st. This is an unusual move, as Denuvo is typically removed after the game’s launch or after its security measures have been broken, but it is rare for it to be removed before the release.

The announcement came from Starbreeze Studios a few weeks after players learned that PayDay 3 would utilize Denuvo. This decision has surprised many, as developers rarely abandon such protection measures before a game’s release. However, this decision was made with the players’ well-being in mind, as they were concerned that Denuvo would negatively impact the game’s performance, which is a valid concern.

Denuvo has long been criticized by gamers for its impact on the performance of protected games. Games such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Resident Evil: Village saw increased framerates after Denuvo was removed. However, PayDay 3 will not have to worry about such concerns.

The creator of Denuvo has defended the tool, claiming that it does not negatively affect game smoothness and protects them from piracy. Steve Huin emphasized that Denuvo is beneficial for both publishers and players, as it protects publishers’ investments and enables further game development.

After the release of PayDay 3, Starbreeze plans to regularly expand the game by adding new content such as DLC, available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The developers also have plans to organize seasonal events, introduce new characters, gameplay enhancements, and cosmetic items.