The Threat of Artificial Intelligence to Writers

The Threat of Artificial Intelligence to Writers

Friends often advise me that I should quickly change industries because artificial intelligence will soon replace me in writing. If this happens, I see two pieces of news – one good and one very good.

The good news is that a career change is always inspiring and developmental, so I am curious about the tasks that await me. When technological advancements push me to the margins of events, I am ready for new challenges.

The very good news is that artificial intelligence can replace writers with a quarter of intelligence. This “quarter” is present in the media like a virus in an infectious ward.

Thanks to rapid advancements in medicine, I have successfully isolated myself from the creativity of a quarter of intelligence. It is enough to avoid websites infected with stupidity. It is simple, but doctors should recommend this solution to anyone who would like to maintain their mental health in some order.

It is hard not to be impressed by the fact that some creators live in a madhouse. They write all day because they lack internal locks and cannot go for a walk. Surely even a walk would help them calm down. It is difficult to understand what some authors want to convey in their works, probably they themselves do not know.

Let artificial intelligence replace writers with a quarter of intelligence. Both groups have one common denominator – a lack of name. This is easy to understand because who would want to admit to publishing gibberish to the world. Moreover, for some time now, the Anonymous Writers Movement has been more popular in Nowy Sącz than Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. This is strange because it is better to be a decent alcoholic than an indecent writer.

Anonymity in writing online is considered – for unknown reasons – a very masculine trait. It has always been so because writing anonymous comments in the media is no different from the popular practice of writing anonymous reports to the authorities. It is the same model of personality. It is easiest to lecture the whole world without revealing your face and name.

Perhaps Anonymous Writers somewhere lost their face, so what part of the body do they intend to replace? As for the name, even worse, because if you dare to take off the mask, you have to consider the consequences. Sometimes, one has to fight like a man – with arguments or force. But who do such texts reach? After all, Anonymous Writers only read themselves.