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    The Need for a Healthy Balance: The Impact of Excessive Computer Gaming on Queen of the South Players


    Nov 20, 2023
    The Need for a Healthy Balance: The Impact of Excessive Computer Gaming on Queen of the South Players

    The manager of Queen of the South, Marvin Bartley, recently revealed the destructive impact that excessive computer gaming can have on the performance of his players. In a frank conversation after a match, Bartley expressed his frustrations and concerns upon discovering that some of his players spend up to eight hours a day playing computer games before important games.

    Bartley, a former professional footballer himself, has been diligently analyzing all the training sessions since taking on the manager role. However, the disappointing 3-1 defeat to Kelty Hearts in the Scottish League One last weekend only increased the pressure surrounding his position at the club.

    The manager’s revelations about the excessive amount of time spent on computer games by players provide a new perspective on the challenges faced by players in the modern era. Bartley emphasizes the need for professionalism both on and off the pitch. He believes that players should prioritize rest, proper hydration, and nutrition in order to achieve their full potential during matches.

    Players who dedicate many hours to playing computer games experience both physical and mental strain, which significantly affects their ability to focus and perform during games. Bartley’s concerns stem from the fact that players lose overall physical fitness and struggle to concentrate on match days.

    The issue of gaming addiction among athletes is not exclusive to the Queen of the South team. It raises important questions about the impact of technology on individual performance and team dynamics in professional sports. As technology continues to advance, such problems are becoming increasingly common in various sports disciplines.

    Bartley’s candid discussion about gaming addiction serves as a call for greater awareness among both players and managers in the world of football. It highlights the need for conscious control over the potential consequences of excessive computer gaming and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between the virtual and real world.

    The interview with Bartley has garnered attention due to its straightforwardness, but it is also a reminder of the complex challenges and pressures faced by managers in today’s football era. As Bartley attempts to address this problem and lead his team to success, only time will tell how his discoveries will impact the players and the future of Queen of the South.