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    The End of an Era for Video Game Enthusiasts: The Last Issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly


    Nov 20, 2023
    The End of an Era for Video Game Enthusiasts: The Last Issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly

    In an unexpected turn of events, Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), one of the longest-standing magazines dedicated to video games, released its final issue in January 2009. Since its inception in 1989, EGM had been a pillar of the gaming community, providing readers with reviews, previews, and industry news. However, due to various factors, the last issue of EGM marked a significant end of an era for gamers worldwide.

    The final issue of EGM, titled “EGM #236,” served as a bitter farewell to the magazine’s loyal readers. It featured a cover story on the highly anticipated game “Street Fighter IV,” as well as articles on other significant titles of that time, such as “Resident Evil 5” and “Killzone 2.” The issue also included a retrospective on EGM’s history, highlighting unforgettable moments and influential contributors to the magazine.

    Why did EGM cease publication? The closure of EGM was primarily due to financial difficulties faced by its parent company, Ziff Davis Media. Declining print circulation and advertising revenues, combined with the global economic crisis of 2008-2009, made it increasingly challenging to sustain the magazine’s operations.

    Did EGM make a comeback? Yes, EGM did return in 2010 under new management. The publication transitioned to an exclusive online format, focusing on digital content and abandoning the traditional print format. However, the revived EGM did not have a long-lasting run and once again ceased operations in 2013.

    Are there any alternatives to EGM? Yes, there are several reputable magazines and websites dedicated to video games that have filled the void left by EGM. Some popular alternatives include Game Informer, Edge, and IGN. These publications continue to provide comprehensive coverage of the gaming industry, including reviews, previews, and news.

    In conclusion, the last issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, released in January 2009, marked the end of an era for video game enthusiasts. Despite EGM’s closure, its legacy lives on in the hearts of devoted readers and the influence it had on video game journalism. While the magazine may no longer be available in print form, the spirit of EGM continues to thrive in the ever-evolving world of video game media.