The Elder Scrolls VI to be an Exclusive Game for Xbox and PC, Confirms Microsoft in FTC Case against Microsoft

The Elder Scrolls VI to be an Exclusive Game for Xbox and PC, Confirms Microsoft in FTC Case against Microsoft

According to recent reports, The Elder Scrolls VI, the highly anticipated sequel to the incredibly popular game Skyrim, will be an exclusive title for Xbox consoles and PC. This news comes as no surprise, considering that Microsoft acquired Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax Media, in 2021. The confirmation of the game’s exclusivity was revealed in court documents during the FTC case against Microsoft.

The data presented in these documents includes a chart listing the available platforms for The Elder Scrolls VI, which are only Xbox and PC. Additionally, the chart includes information about a release window of “2026 or later,” although Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, stated during the hearing that the game would be ready “after five years or longer,” suggesting that the release could potentially be in 2028 or later.

It is worth noting that since the acquisition of Bethesda, no games without contractual obligations have been released on the PlayStation platform. Even smaller titles, such as Hi-Fi Rush, have been exclusive to Microsoft platforms, although they were also available on Steam. Therefore, it is not surprising that The Elder Scrolls VI will not be available on PlayStation.

As for the current generation of Xbox consoles, it is still unknown whether The Elder Scrolls VI will be released on existing hardware. The game was announced back in 2018, even before the announcement of the current console generation. However, the projected release window of 2028 or later suggests the possibility of introducing a new Xbox system or at least an enhanced version before the game’s release. Meanwhile, PC remains the best choice for Bethesda game fans due to extensive mod support.

While details about The Elder Scrolls VI are still scarce, fans can expect another immersive and expansive adventure in the beloved Elder Scrolls universe. At present, it remains a mystery in which part of the Tamriel world the game will take place.

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