Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO: Chance to Encounter Girafarig

Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO: Chance to Encounter Girafarig

In the upcoming Spotlight Hour event in Pokemon GO, trainers will have the opportunity to encounter Girafarig, a Pokemon with a long neck, with an increased number of appearances. This special event allows trainers to find rare pocket monsters that usually have a low spawn rate but appear more frequently in the wild for a certain period of time.

Girafarig, a Normal/Psychic type Pokemon introduced in Generation II, will be featured on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time. Although Girafarig does not have any evolutions in Pokemon GO, it recently gained an enhanced form called Farigiraf in Generation IX games. During the Spotlight Hour, trainers can catch multiple Girafarig with the best statistics, CPs, and IVs. The recommended attack set for Girafarig is Confusion and Psychic.

In addition to the increased number of appearances, the Girafarig Spotlight Hour event will include a 2x Catch XP bonus, rewarding participating trainers. Furthermore, lucky trainers may even encounter a Shiny Girafarig during the event. Shiny Girafarig has a unique color scheme with blue spikes and a nose instead of the standard pink.

Before preparing for the Spotlight Hour, trainers should make sure to have enough space in their Pokemon storage to accommodate the additional caught creatures. It is also advisable to stock up on an adequate amount of Poke Balls to avoid running out during the event. Utilizing in-game resources such as Lucky Eggs, Incense, and Star Pieces can provide even greater benefits during the event.

The September 2023 Spotlight Hour schedule also includes Wooper, Mankey, and Growlithe, which have already appeared in previous events earlier this month. During each of these events, trainers had the chance to encounter Shiny variants of these Pokemon.

Stay vigilant for more exciting Spotlight Hour events in Pokemon GO and happy hunting, trainers!