Shifty considers joining the Call of Duty League after winning the World Series of Warzone

Shifty considers joining the Call of Duty League after winning the World Series of Warzone

Shifty, Sage, and Biffle achieved a stunning victory in the World Series of Warzone tournament, which may lead Shifty to consider joining the Call of Duty League (CDL). The trio of players claimed a $100,000 prize after a dominant performance in London. Their impressive win, including a 24-kill victory in the final match, solidified their unstoppable position in Warzone.

Shifty is no stranger to controversy, having faced accusations of cheating during his online performances in Caldera. To debunk these allegations, he even participated in a neutral LAN environment to showcase his skills. On September 16, Shifty amazed everyone with his outstanding results, achieving 44 kills across six maps, the highest score in the entire tournament.

Following his triumph, Shifty mentioned his potential interest in expanding his endeavors beyond Warzone and striving for success in the CDL. He expressed fascination with the hard work and thrill associated with LAN events, stating that nothing compares to the energy and excitement of in-person competition. Shifty admitted that if the opportunity arises and conditions are right, he will consider making a change.

The news of Shifty’s intentions sparked discussions on social media. Some questioned his motivations, suggesting that true passion for the game, rather than financial gain, is the key to becoming the best in the world. Others pondered the path he would have to take, suggesting that he would need to prove his skills in the Challengers league before gaining access to the CDL.

Despite mixed reactions, three-time world champion Clayster believed that Shifty’s talent would translate well into the CDL, as it has for many professionals who transitioned from Warzone. He emphasized the importance of learning the nuances of respawn game modes but expressed confidence in Shifty’s ability to succeed in the league.

Only time will tell if Shifty will fulfill his dream of joining a professional Call of Duty team in the CDL. However, his exceptional skills and potential make him a worthy competitor in the world of first-person shooter games.