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    Revolutionary Update from Valve: New Version of Half-Life


    Nov 20, 2023
    Revolutionary Update from Valve: New Version of Half-Life

    Valve, the renowned video game developer, has recently released a significant update to their iconic game, Half-Life, introducing new content and overall quality improvements. This update includes the addition of Half-Life Uplink, which was previously only available on CD-ROMs included with magazines and computer hardware. Additionally, the update includes four new multiplayer maps, expanding the possibilities of the Half-Life engine. Valve has also integrated maps and character models from the Half-Life: Further Data disc.

    Among the new features is the ability to play on a widescreen display and support for controller configurations. The user interface has been updated to adapt to larger screens. Half-Life has also been verified for compatibility with the Steam Deck console, ensuring smooth gameplay on this device.

    However, the older version of the game will remain accessible in a beta branch called “steam_legacy”. Valve will also reduce the visibility of Half-Life: Source.

    In addition to the game update, Valve has released a documentary film celebrating the 25th anniversary of Half-Life. In this documentary, developers and co-founders of Valve reminisce about the company’s beginnings and their work on this iconic game.

    This update allows players to relive the original Half-Life experience with new content and enhancements. The game is currently available for free on the Steam platform until November 20th. Valve is also offering discounts on various Half-Life and Valve bundles, including a 66% discount on Half-Life Alyx.

    Valve considers this anniversary edition of Half-Life to be the definitive version that they will continue to support. Although Half-Life: Source will have reduced visibility on Steam, it will still be available to the modding community. Valve is proud of what they have achieved with Half-Life and expresses gratitude to the gaming community for their support. The new documentary film provides additional evidence of the deep impact this game has had on the video game industry.

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