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    Problems with Messenger in the Web Browser: A Frustration for Messenger Users


    Feb 9, 2024
    Problemy z Messenerem w wersji przeglądarkowej: udręka użytkowników

    Messenger, the popular messaging app in its web browser version, is starting to cause serious problems for users. Polish media reports that many people are having difficulty closing open chats, which makes it challenging to use Facebook on the computer.

    During conversations with friends, users have noticed that there are no buttons to end or minimize the chat window. This causes the open chats to cover the entire screen, making it impossible to use other features of the social networking site.

    Refreshing the page or switching to a different web browser also does not help. Many internet users have tried these methods, but the problems with closing chats persist. It is also interesting to note that some users are experiencing issues with replying to messages or viewing conversation history.

    A few individuals have noticed that after logging out of Facebook and logging in again, the open chat windows disappear. However, this is not a guaranteed solution to the ongoing problem that is still inconvenient for many users.

    It is worth mentioning that despite receiving notifications, some people are unable to open new message windows. This suggests that the issue is with Messenger itself, rather than individual computer or browser configurations.

    As a result, experts recommend using the dedicated Facebook and Messenger applications on mobile devices. Such problems do not occur on smartphones and tablets, which may provide a solution for those who want to avoid the frustration of a non-functional Messenger on their computer.

    Frequently Asked Questions about closing chats on Messenger on the computer:

    1. Why can’t I close open chats on Messenger on the computer? Some users have noticed the lack of buttons to end or minimize the conversation window, which makes it impossible to close chats.
    2. How can I close chats on Messenger on the computer? Currently, there are no known solutions to this problem. Attempts to refresh the page or change the web browser do not resolve the issue.
    3. What should I do if Messenger is not working properly on the computer? Experts recommend using the dedicated Facebook and Messenger applications on mobile devices, which do not have the same problems.

    Definitions of key terms used in the article:

    • Messenger – A popular social messaging app that is part of the Facebook platform.
    • Web browser – A computer program used to display websites.

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