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    Pola Raksa: An Icon of Polish Cinema and Her Transformation


    Feb 13, 2024
    Pola Raksa: Ikona kina polskiego i historia jej metamorfozy

    Pola Raksa, without a doubt, is one of the most famous actresses in the history of Polish cinema. Her beauty and talent have captured the hearts of millions of viewers. The discovery of Pola Raksa, as well as her transformation over the years, has been the subject of many discussions and photo galleries.

    The beginning of Pola Raksa’s career was exceptional. She was discovered by a photojournalist in one of the milk bars and agreed to a photoshoot at the photographer’s urging. The photo made its way to the cover of the magazine “Dookoła świata” and became a huge success. This publication provided Raksa with publicity and the opportunity for her acting debut.

    Her first role in the film “Satan from the 7th Grade” opened the doors to a great career. She became a sought-after actress both in Poland and abroad. However, she gained true fame and recognition through her role in the cult TV series “Czterej pancerni i pies” (Four Tankers and a Dog). Portraying the character of Marusia “Ogoniok”, a red-haired Russian, Pola Raksa won the hearts of viewers and forever carved her name in the history of cinema.

    But the life of a star is not always filled with roses. After her acting career, Pola Raksa decided to live a private life away from the media. She tried to protect her privacy and avoid the spotlight. Therefore, she rarely appeared in the media, and her transformation remained a mystery.

    Today, when we look at the photo gallery of Pola Raksa, we can see her beauty, which has only grown over the years. Although much has changed, she is still an icon of Polish cinema and a role model for many actresses.

    Pola Raksa is not only beautiful but also talented. She is a legendary actress whose presence on screen continues to evoke emotions in viewers. Her story and transformation are a testament to the strength of character and resilience of this great cinema star.

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