Pokémon Company Announces Collaboration with Van Gogh Museum

Pokémon Company Announces Collaboration with Van Gogh Museum

The Pokémon Company has announced its upcoming collaboration with the prestigious Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands. This partnership aims to combine the colorful world of Pokémon with the vibrant art of Vincent van Gogh.

In the teaser announcement, Pikachu and Eevee can be seen playing in a field of sunflowers, against the backdrop of Dutch windmills and rolling hills. When a drop of blue paint lands on Pikachu’s head, the scenery transforms into iconic, post-impressionistic swirls that define van Gogh’s work. The sunflowers then transform into a Pokémon named Sunflora, while a version of van Gogh’s famous Sunflower series appears in the center.

Detailed specifics of the collaboration have not yet been revealed, but one possibility is enriching the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience exhibition, which has garnered immense acclaim. This interactive installation allows visitors to immerse themselves in van Gogh’s masterpieces and even create their own drawings inspired by his work. The exhibition also offers a sound guide tailored to different reading abilities and detailed sets that recreate locations from van Gogh’s paintings, such as Bedroom and Haystacks in Provence.

The Pokémon Company has promised to provide “more information” in the future, and the collaboration is set to launch on September 28th. This exciting partnership adds to the list of Pokémon-related events and experiences happening worldwide.

In related news, it was recently announced that the Pokémon World Championships will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2024, which has sparked mixed reactions among fans. While some are thrilled with the choice of location, others feel it may be insensitive given the ongoing tourism issues in the state.

Meanwhile, the creator of the Fables comic book universe has revealed that the game “The Wolf Among Us,” based on his work, does not live up to his original vision of the characters and the world. This information was disclosed in relation to his intention to make the property public domain.