PlayStation Apps and Mods for Playing Starfield

PlayStation Apps and Mods for Playing Starfield

Since the eagerly anticipated Xbox exclusive game, Starfield, was released, PlayStation users have found creative ways to try their hand at this game. Despite the fact that the game is only available on Steam and Xbox platforms, PS users have found a way around this limitation by using the PlayStation Dualsense controller, which is supported on the PC platform.

The popularity of this method was evident among PlayStation 5 users, who were able to play Bethesda’s RPG using Dualsense controllers. Although some users had trouble with installation, it was easily resolved by installing the Dualsense app. Furthermore, one PlayStation user took their obsession with Starfield to the next level by customizing their PlayStation 5 console and controller with Starfield skins.

But that’s not all. Many PS users are also using mods to enhance their Starfield experience. One popular mod allows for replacing Bethesda’s game intro and changing the controller buttons to match the Xbox layout. While some consider these mods unnecessary, others see them as a way to indulge their passion for Starfield.

Looking at the number of available mods for Starfield, it is clear that fans are interested in exploring every aspect of the game in-depth. Some popular modifications include the “Achievement Enabler,” which allows unlocking in-game achievements that are normally prohibited, and the “Enhanced Player Health Bar,” which provides colored prompts on the display to inform players when their health drops below 25%.

Overall, the reaction to Starfield has been overwhelmingly positive, and PS users are finding innovative ways to participate in Xbox’s exclusive title. This only further confirms the game’s success and the enthusiasm surrounding it.