Payday 3 Without Denuvo: Controversial DRM Technology Removed from the Game

Payday 3 Without Denuvo: Controversial DRM Technology Removed from the Game

The long-awaited sequel to the popular cooperative shooter, Payday 3, is set to be released on PC on September 21. However, ahead of its official launch, Deep Silver and Starbreeze have made an important decision: they have removed Denuvo, the controversial anti-piracy technology, from the game.

The decision to remove Denuvo from Payday 3 appears to be a response to feedback received during the game’s open beta. Unlike many publishers who usually ignore such complaints, Starbreeze listened to the players’ comments and took action by removing the technology.

But why do PC gamers dislike Denuvo? Denuvo is an anti-piracy technology that aims to prevent game piracy on PC. While this goal is commendable, Denuvo has been found to have a negative impact on game performance. Furthermore, it also hampers the ability to modify games, which is a feature valued by the modding community. It’s no wonder then that PC gamers express their dissatisfaction with Denuvo, making its removal from games a popular move.

In recent months, other prominent titles have also removed Denuvo from their PC versions. DOOM: Eternal and Resident Evil: Village are two significant examples. This trend highlights the growing discontent among players regarding the presence of Denuvo in their favorite games.

It is also worth mentioning that Payday 3 will initially release using the Unreal Engine 4, but Starbreeze has announced that they will enhance the game by transitioning it to Unreal Engine 5 after the release. This update promises better visual quality and the addition of more advanced features across all game versions.

The removal of Denuvo from Payday 3 demonstrates Starbreeze’s willingness to listen to player feedback and make necessary changes. As the upcoming release approaches, players can expect an improved experience in the world of Payday, free from the limitations associated with Denuvo.