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    OnePlus 12 Ultra: Will the OPPO Find X7 Ultra Become a Global Super Flagship?


    Feb 9, 2024
    OnePlus 12 Ultra: Czy OPPO Find X7 Ultra stanie się globalnym superflagowcem?

    The new OnePlus 12 Ultra smartphone may be a dream come true for fans who are seeking new technological experiences. Its exceptional features, such as the quad-camera setup with a 50 MP main lens, the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 16 GB LPDDR5x RAM, and up to 512 GB UFS 4.0 storage, along with a 120 Hz AMOLED display, wireless charging capabilities, and an IP68 certification, are all attention-grabbing. The OnePlus 12 Ultra seems to have everything one could expect from a flagship device.

    The premium segment, where the most expensive smartphones compete, is mostly dominated by iPhones. Samsung is the only true competitor in the market, especially in Poland. However, Chinese companies like OPPO and OnePlus continue to surprise with their innovations. Representatives of these brands aim to meet the expectations of their fans and create smartphones that become an indispensable part of users’ daily lives.

    The OPPO Find X7 Ultra, which recently entered the market, has gained immense popularity in China. President Billy Zhang boasted over a million reservations for this model. However, fans would love to see it available internationally under the OnePlus 12 Ultra brand. This proposal seems to be a response to the international availability of Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

    The camera capabilities of the OPPO Find X7 Ultra are impressive, especially with its two periscope telephoto lenses. Additionally, all the lenses have excellent apertures, making this model truly exciting. On paper, it appears to be the perfect smartphone that should be introduced internationally as the OnePlus 12 Ultra.

    Unfortunately, this scenario is highly unlikely. The OnePlus 12 does not need any additional branding to provide users with all the essentials. Both the OPPO Find X7 Ultra and OnePlus 12 Ultra belong to the BBK family of companies, but they are targeted at different customer groups. Nevertheless, fans of flagship smartphones hope that it could make a global appearance, similar to the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

    Undoubtedly, there is still much to offer from the BBK product family. OnePlus focuses on competitive pricing, while OPPO offers luxurious devices regardless of the cost. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra is more expensive than the OnePlus 12, but, in return, it offers more features and unique capabilities. Regardless of whether the OnePlus 12 Ultra completely replaces the OPPO Find X7 Ultra in the international market, one thing is certain – both models are truly exceptional and bring innovations to the smartphone industry.