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    Nintendo Switch OLED: Console, Game, and Subscription in One Package


    Nov 20, 2023
    Nintendo Switch OLED: Console, Game, and Subscription in One Package

    Nintendo Switch OLED – the latest version of the Nintendo Switch console, equipped with an OLED screen and improved sound – offers Nintendo fans an extraordinary opportunity. The value of this package, which includes not only the console but also one of the most beloved games in the Nintendo universe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, is $350.

    The offer of this magnetic combination is exceptional. Usually, the cost of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game is $60, but when purchasing the Nintendo Switch OLED console, you get it completely for free. Furthermore, the package includes a voucher that allows for immediate download of the digital version of the game from the Nintendo eShop, meaning instant access to gameplay.

    Along with the console and game, the Nintendo Switch OLED package offers an individual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. This subscription not only allows for multiplayer online features in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but also provides access to a rich collection of classic Super Nintendo, NES, and Game Boy games. With such a diverse library at your fingertips, hours of nostalgic gameplay await.

    For those seeking original additions to this set, Amazon Japan offers a charming decorative box, a case, and a Super Smash Bros. coaster for a slightly higher price of $356. Although it’s the Japanese version, the Nintendo Switch has no regional lock, which means that regardless of where you are, you are guaranteed an unchanged gaming experience.

    If the Nintendo Switch OLED package doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t worry! Nintendo has other attractive options for this holiday season. You can opt for the standard Nintendo Switch bundle, which includes the game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a Switch Online subscription, all for $299. Additionally, Walmart and Target have exclusive bundles with the Nintendo Switch Lite console themed around Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along with the game, for $200.

    Aside from console bundles, Nintendo offers attractive promotions on selected exclusive games. The Super Mario Party Joy-Con set, priced at $100, includes new red-blue controllers – perfect additions that will add an exciting atmosphere to your multiplayer gameplay.

    Whether you’re an experienced Nintendo enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of gaming, the Nintendo Switch OLED package is undoubtedly a Black Friday revolution. With its exceptional value, you can’t miss this opportunity to enhance your gaming experience and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Nintendo.