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    New Google Maps: Fresh Look and Improved Readability


    Nov 21, 2023
    New Google Maps: Fresh Look and Improved Readability

    The color scheme of Google Maps has been subtly changed, but it is noticeable at first glance. The new maps are much more contrasting and brighter, which translates into better readability. The entire color palette has been altered, but the most visible differences are in the colors of seas, oceans, and routes.

    The changing color of the sea areas now has a more distinct shade of green, which is significantly different from the previous blue. Some designers refer to it as cyan, and the new routes on the maps will now be marked in navy blue instead of the previous blue.

    User opinions on the new Google Maps, which have started to be used, are mixed. As always, changes in popular applications initially face complaints. However, over time, most people get used to them and appreciate the new features. Therefore, it is worth taking a moment to test the new graphical version before making a final judgment.

    The update applies to both the browser version of Google Maps and the mobile applications for iOS and Android systems. Changes will also be implemented in the Android Auto interface, which means that using Google navigation in cars will be even more intuitive.

    It is worth noting that the update to Google Maps will be rolled out gradually. Google often uses this strategy to test new features and ultimately customize them to users’ needs. Therefore, some may not have received the update yet, while others have been using the new Google Maps for several months.

    In summary, the new Google Maps have gained a fresh look and a more readable interface. Regardless of our opinion, soon all users will have the opportunity to explore the new possibilities of this popular application. The sooner we get used to these changes, the better for us.