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    New Entertainment Duo: Genda Inc. Takes Over Gaga Corp.


    Nov 21, 2023
    New Entertainment Duo: Genda Inc. Takes Over Gaga Corp.

    Genda Inc., a Japanese gaming company, has announced its acquisition of a significant stake in Tokyo’s independent film distributor, Gaga Corp. Under the agreement, Genda will acquire 78.05% of the shares from Gaga Corp.’s President and CEO, Tom Yoda. The transaction is expected to be finalized on November 30, 2023.

    Following the acquisition, Tom Yoda will retain a 21.95% stake in Gaga Corp. and continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board, while Nao Kataoka, the Chairman of Genda, and CCO Yuzo Sato will join Gaga Corp.’s management team. Sato will assume the roles of President and CEO. This strategic move aims to combine the strengths and expertise of both companies in the rapidly growing entertainment industry.

    Founded in 1986, Gaga Corp. has gained international recognition as a leading distributor of independent films. The company has achieved success in distributing numerous award-winning titles, including seven Academy Award-winning films for Best Picture and four Palme d’Or winners. Gaga Corp. has also expanded its operations to include local production and further diversify its portfolio.

    As a leading holding company, Genda Inc. engages in various entertainment-related activities, such as amusement arcades, online gaming, and character licensing. Through this acquisition, Genda aims to broaden its reach and create synergies across different sectors of the entertainment industry.

    The collaboration between Genda Inc. and Gaga Corp. is built on strong foundations, such as shared values and a passion for the entertainment business. Both companies are excited about the growth potential and innovation that will arise from their partnership.

    This acquisition represents a strategic move in an industry that continues to evolve dynamically. As the entertainment landscape becomes increasingly interconnected, the combination of Genda Inc.’s expertise and resources with Gaga Corp. will pave the way for exciting ventures in international film distribution, local film production, anime, and game development.

    With these actions, Genda Inc. positions itself as a significant player in the global entertainment market, ready to leverage its expanded portfolio to meet the evolving needs of audiences worldwide.