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    Najnowsza generacja słuchawek XR-4 od Varjo jest niemal tuż za rogiem


    Nov 20, 2023
    Najnowsza generacja słuchawek XR-4 od Varjo jest niemal tuż za rogiem

    Varjo, a leading manufacturer of high-quality virtual reality (VR) headsets, is generating significant interest in the VR community with its recent announcement of an online event. During this event, titled “Discover the Future of VR/XR,” Varjo plans to unveil the latest generation of its highly anticipated XR-4 headsets.

    For years, Varjo has been consistently improving its XR headsets, primarily focusing on business users. One of their key features is the groundbreaking “bionic display” system, which incorporates an additional display in each lens. This extraordinary technology provides users with unparalleled resolution, delivering a visual experience that closely resembles real-life sensations directly in the central field of view.

    In addition to exceptional image quality, Varjo also prioritizes the development of innovative features and image pass-through capabilities that accompany their headsets. Their previous flagship model, the XR-3, garnered significant interest following its release at the end of 2020.

    Many enthusiasts can’t wait for the exclusive online presentation of the XR-4 headsets, scheduled for November 27 at 10:00 PT. However, one question remains unanswered: Will Varjo also unveil any updates regarding their consumer headsets, including the Varjo Aero? Despite the recent significant price reduction of the Aero, the company has kept the future of this device under wraps. Nevertheless, it was suggested last year that the Aero may eventually become part of a broader headset series rather than remaining a standalone device.

    As the VR/XR market continues to evolve and mature, Varjo is committed to constantly improving its business offerings. Whether it’s the XR-4, the Aero series, or entirely new surprises, one thing is certain: during the online event, Varjo will undoubtedly reveal their latest achievements in VR/XR technology, eagerly anticipated by both experts and enthusiasts, and shaping the future of the industry.

    To learn more about Varjo, their high-end headset offerings, and the latest advancements in VR/XR technology, visit Varjo’s official website.