Microsoft’s Interest in Acquiring Nintendo Revealed in Leaked Emails

Microsoft’s Interest in Acquiring Nintendo Revealed in Leaked Emails

Recently leaked emails have disclosed a surprising revelation – Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, expressed strong interest in acquiring Nintendo in 2020. The emails also suggest that Microsoft supported this idea. An email sent by Spencer in August of this year stated that Nintendo is “the most important asset for us in the gaming industry.” Furthermore, Spencer believed that the Microsoft Board would fully support the possibility of acquiring Nintendo.

In the email, Spencer also admitted that acquiring Nintendo would be a significant moment in his career and a mutually beneficial move for both companies. However, he acknowledged that convincing Nintendo to depart from their own hardware and adopt a different strategy proved to be a challenge.

Interestingly, the email also mentioned the potential acquisition of Warner Bros. Games by Xbox, alongside the acquisition of ZeniMax Media. Ultimately, Microsoft only acquired ZeniMax Media, leaving Warner Bros. Games behind.

This discovery raises an intriguing question: would acquiring Nintendo be a good move for Microsoft? The decision certainly has its advantages, considering Nintendo’s strong position in the gaming industry and the enormous potential for collaboration and synergy between the two companies.

Although it is unclear whether further discussions or attempts to acquire Nintendo took place, the leaked emails provide a fascinating insight into the strategic thinking and aspirations of Xbox’s leaders.

Sources: Leaked Xbox emails, 2021.

– Xbox: A line of gaming consoles and gaming services developed and owned by Microsoft Corporation.
– Nintendo: A Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company known for popular gaming consoles and iconic brands.
– ZeniMax Media: A holding company that was ultimately acquired by Microsoft.