Microsoft plans to refresh Xbox console based on leaked documents

Microsoft plans to refresh Xbox console based on leaked documents

Leaked documents from the FTC v. Microsoft court battle have revealed the company’s strategy for the Xbox business. The most significant information is the existence of a refreshed Xbox console codenamed “Brooklin,” which aims to give a new look and feel to the current Series X model.

Unlike the rectangular shape of the current Series X model, Brooklin takes on a more cylindrical form, as shown in one of the leaked documents. While the performance remains the same as the current Series X, the refresh focuses on hardware improvements. A noticeable change is the reduction in size of the 6nm chip, resulting in a 15% reduction in power consumption. Other features mentioned include a 2TB internal memory, a front-facing USB-C port for charging, support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2.

However, the leaked documents also indicate that Microsoft has decided to eliminate the disc drive from this model, similar to the cheaper Xbox Series S. To cater to fans who prefer physical media or want access to their catalogs, Microsoft may offer a separate disc drive, similar to Sony’s plans.

A leaked release schedule reveals that Microsoft plans to release the new cylindrical Series X in November 2024, at the same price of $499 as the current console. Additionally, there are hints about another refresh codenamed “Ellewood,” which is expected to be introduced shortly after the launch of Brooklin in 2024.

While these leaks reveal Microsoft’s plans for the future, it is important to note that the information is subject to change as the company refines its strategy. Gaming enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements from Microsoft to confirm the leaked details.