Microsoft Game Pass Surpasses 30 Million Subscribers on All Platforms

Microsoft Game Pass Surpasses 30 Million Subscribers on All Platforms

According to rumors, Microsoft Game Pass, the popular game subscription service for Xbox, has surpassed 30 million subscribers on all platforms. The information was discovered by tech portal Tweek Town, which noticed the LinkedIn profile of Craig McNary, Senior Director of Marketing at Xbox. McNary’s profile indicated that Game Pass has over 30 million subscribers. However, this number was later changed to 25 million and then completely removed. Although not officially confirmed by Microsoft, the initial number seems likely.

Attempts by Sony to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard have provided additional hints about the popularity of Game Pass. Last year, Sony informed the UK Competition and Markets Authority that Microsoft’s subscription service had 29 million subscribers on consoles and Ultimate subscribers, excluding PC subscribers. This suggests that the total number of Game Pass subscribers is likely higher than 30 million.

It is worth noting that Game Pass still trails behind PlayStation Plus, which has approximately 47.4 million subscribers across all versions. However, Xbox Live Gold, which is estimated to have around 46 million subscribers as of 2020, likely includes Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Considering that Microsoft recently replaced Xbox Live Gold with Game Pass Core, it is expected that Game Pass will attract even more users.

In summary, Game Pass continues to gain popularity, with millions of players choosing this subscription service for access to an extensive library of games. With a growing user base and regular updates, Game Pass will remain a competitive force in the gaming industry.

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