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    Messenger in Trouble: Will Poland also be affected by the outage?


    Feb 9, 2024
    Messenger w opałach: Czy awaria czeka również Polskę?

    Messenger, a reliable messaging app that has been connecting millions of people worldwide for years, has recently been causing a lot of trouble for its users. The continuous occurrence of errors and outages is slowly starting to frustrate a growing number of people, including Poles.

    Many users are experiencing various difficulties while using Messenger. Chat windows often fail to open, conversations lag, and sometimes it is impossible to scroll through messages. Moreover, the app automatically scrolls conversations up or down without any control from the user.

    But that’s not all. Users have also noticed difficulties in sending photos and videos, and many other Messenger features are starting to malfunction.

    The inability to open chats and respond to messages is considered the most serious issues that the popular messaging app, Messenger, is currently facing. These problems have been reported for several weeks, and the number of reports seems to be constantly increasing. Some suspect that these issues may be related to recent changes in the implementation of full chat encryption. However, we hope that Messenger will resolve these problems as quickly as possible and restore full functionality to its users.

    One thing is certain – these difficulties can be particularly frustrating for Poles who frequently use Messenger as their primary messaging app. We hope that the problem will be fixed soon so that everyone can once again enjoy a smooth experience with this popular messaging app.

    Messenger – a reliable messaging app that connects millions of people worldwide.

    Chats – text conversations between Messenger users.

    Conversations – exchange of messages between two or more individuals in the form of a conversation.

    Messaging app – an application that allows users to communicate through text messages, voice calls, video calls, etc.

    Sending photos and videos – Messenger feature that enables users to send photos and videos to other users.

    Full chat encryption – a change implemented in Messenger to enhance communication security by encrypting message content.

    Glitches – issues or malfunctions in the Messenger software that hinder users from using the app.

    Frustrating – situations or problems that cause feelings of frustration.

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