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    Love and Farming in Piaseczna: The Story of Paweł Bodzianny and Marta Paszkin


    Feb 9, 2024
    Paweł Bodzianny i Marta Paszkin: Miłość i gospodarstwo rolne w Piasecznej

    Paweł Bodzianny and Marta Paszkin are a couple who found happiness in love and running a farm in the picturesque town of Piaseczna, near Węglińec. They met through the popular TV show “Rolnik szuka żony” (Farmer Seeks Wife), and their story since then has been extraordinary.

    The vast lands of their farm are home to as many as 110 Scottish cows. Every day, they take care of their herd with determination, ensuring they have proper conditions and well-being.

    However, unlike many protesting farmers, Paweł and Marta do not participate in demonstrations. This is due to one significant reason – they are expecting the birth of their first child soon. The couple is now focused on preparing for the arrival of their little one and planning the future of their family.

    Although Paweł and Marta don’t express direct opposition to the EU’s Green Deal or the influx of goods from Ukraine, their daily commitment to running the farm reflects their care for the local environment and support for Polish breeders.

    Paweł and Marta serve as an inspiration for many other couples and breeders, proving that love and passion for farming can go hand in hand with a peaceful approach to changes in the agricultural sector. Their story is full of hope and reminds us of the power of family and shared goals.

    Their wonderful hobby, which brought them together from the very beginning, has now become the foundation of their family. Paweł and Marta show us that despite difficulties and changes in the world around us, it’s worth sticking together and being guided by love and perseverance in pursuing shared dreams.

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