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    Is Microsoft’s PC Manager a Tool for Optimization or Negligence?


    Feb 12, 2024
    Program PC Manager Microsoftu – optymalizacja czy niechlujstwo?

    Microsoft’s PC Manager, created to help users optimize their operating system and improve device performance, unfortunately falls short in practice.

    One of the problems with PC Manager is its operation in the Prefetch folder. This folder stores prefetch files that contain information about the functioning of installed applications. Cleaning this folder is discouraged by Windows documentation, but PC Manager unknowingly cleans it.

    One can argue whether this is a good action, especially in the era of fast SSD drives. Additionally, Microsoft does not provide consistent communication on this matter, raising doubts about the program’s effectiveness.

    Another issue with PC Manager is the inclusion of affiliate links in it, utilizing Chinese ad trackers. Although the tool first appeared in China, Microsoft’s lack of attention to its own software logo is unacceptable.

    Is PC Manager dangerous? There is currently no evidence to support this claim, but the fact that it does not present itself aesthetically and does not inspire trust is concerning.

    The program may be useful as it should automatically solve some problems that previously required the use of command line. However, due to the lack of consistency in PC Manager’s operation, the results may not meet expectations.

    We cannot deny that Microsoft has created a tool aimed at assisting users, but it is worth being cautious and considering other optimization alternatives.