Increasing Threat of Car Theft and Abductions in Westport

Increasing Threat of Car Theft and Abductions in Westport

Officials in Westport are planning to organize a public forum to address the growing problem of car theft and abductions in the area. The recent abduction of an Aston Martin from the owner’s garage on Bayberry Lane has drawn attention to this issue, as well as the increase in car thefts since the beginning of the pandemic. The forum, scheduled for September 20th, aims to update the community on the matter and discuss actions to combat it.

The abduction of an Aston Martin, captured on home security camera footage, has raised awareness about the seriousness of this problem. Another incident in May involved the theft of a Porsche by two teenagers, which ended in a high-speed chase and collision with a police car. These incidents are just two examples of the growing problem that Westport police have been warning about for years.

During the forum, led by Chief Foti Koskinas and his team, along with First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker, potential solutions will be discussed. Chief Koskinas previously compared the situation to the video game “Grand Theft Auto” and expressed concern about the increasing number of stolen vehicles in the area. The local police receive daily reports of car thefts.

One of the main contributing factors to these thefts is unlocked cars with keys left inside, making them easy targets for thieves. Unlocked cars also facilitate the theft of valuable items left inside, such as credit cards, leading to additional crimes like identity theft. Chief Koskinas will also discuss collaboration with the Regional Auto Theft Task Force, established in 2021 to combat vehicle thefts and break-ins in the region.

As car thefts continue to rise, it is crucial for the community to come together to address this issue. The public forum aims not only to inform residents about the current situation but also to engage them in finding effective solutions to combat car theft and ensure community safety.