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    How to Fix Google Wallet Payments on the Latest Xiaomi.eu ROM Versions


    Nov 20, 2023
    How to Fix Google Wallet Payments on the Latest Xiaomi.eu ROM Versions

    The latest stable version of Xiaomi.eu ROM, released on November 18, 2023, unfortunately does not include fixes for Google Wallet payments, which means that by default, you cannot make payments using this application. Here is a guide on how to solve this problem. Remember that you perform all actions at your own risk.


    Install the latest stable version of Xiaomi.eu ROM from the manufacturer’s website (released on November 18 or later). Transfer the following files to your phone: Magisk APK, Play Integrity Fix file, and, if you plan to install Magisk in Fastboot mode, the appropriate file from the Xiaomi.eu package. If the package contains the init_boot.img file in the images folder, select that file as the boot.img file. If there is no such file, simply select the boot.img file.

    Installing Magisk with TWRP

    Boot your phone into Recovery mode. Install the downloaded Magisk file – TWRP should detect it, even though it has an APK extension instead of ZIP like standard packages. After successful installation, reboot the system.

    Installing Magisk with Fastboot

    Install the Magisk APK file from the system, for example using the Files app. Select the “Choose and Load File” option – a file manager will open, where you will select the previously transferred init_boot.img or boot.img file. Then click “Next”.

    Transfer the generated image (magisk_patched-xxxx.img) to your computer. If you have the unpacked ROM on your computer, you can use it to install the image. Otherwise, use platform-tools. Let’s assume you have unpacked the ROM on your computer – move the IMG file to the ROM directory > bin > directory named after your system. The ideal path will look like this: Fastboot: Boot your phone into Fastboot mode, then right-click > Open Terminal. Execute the following commands:

    fastboot devices

    Depending on the previously selected image:

    fastboot flash boot_ab filename.img


    fastboot flash init_boot_ab filename.img


    fastboot reboot

    Configure Magisk

    A new Magisk application should now appear on your phone’s home screen. It may prompt you to download and install the full version if you haven’t installed it on your phone before (e.g. during installation with TWRP). Accept this request. After launching the application, it may request additional configuration in the form of a restart or reinstallation. Accept both requests.

    Play Integrity Fix requires Zygisk to be enabled. In the Magisk app, select the gear icon, then select the Zygisk and Enforce Deny List options. The second option is needed to properly configure Magisk hiding from root-detecting applications (not applicable to Google Wallet). Restart your phone as requested by the app.

    You can now install the module. Go to the Modules menu > Install from storage and select the package with Play Integrity Fix. After installation, restart your phone.

    Play Integrity and SafetyNet should work. However, to make Google Wallet work correctly, it is necessary to clear the data of the following applications: Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Wallet, and Google Services Framework. After restarting your phone, you should be able to add cards to Google Wallet.

    Deny List Configuration

    In some cases, such as with the mObywatel application, the actions described above may not be enough – additional hiding of Magisk from a specific application may be necessary. In the Magisk app, go to the Deny List settings, where the installed applications on the device will appear. To display all applications, including system ones, click the three dots and select the “Show System Apps” option. From the list, select the application that displayed the root detection message – for example, mObywatel. Then exit the list. To ensure that the application does not detect Magisk, hide the Magisk package name from it. In the same settings, select the “Hide Magisk App” option. You can enter your own package name and accept it. A new application will appear on the home screen, which is actually Magisk but has a different package name.

    If everything went well, you should be able to run the previously root-detecting application, such as mObywatel. After each ROM update, Magisk will disappear and will need to be reinstalled – however, the settings will be preserved.