How to Defeat Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokémon GO?

How to Defeat Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokémon GO?

Galarian Mr. Mime is one of the Raid Bosses in Pokémon GO and can be quite challenging. This Pokémon has a unique combination of Ice and Psychic types, making it particularly vulnerable to Rock, Dark, Steel, Fire, Bug, and Ghost-type attacks. To defeat Galarian Mr. Mime, you will need a solid strategy and the right Pokémon.

Since Galarian Mr. Mime is not fully evolved, it does not have the same offensive power as its evolution, Mr. Rime. This means that Pokémon with high defense and resistance to Ice and Psychic attacks will have a better chance of winning. One such Pokémon is Metagross, which has powerful steel-type attacks and higher stats than Mr. Mime. Metagross is now easier to find, so many players should have access to it.

If you don’t have Metagross, other Steel-type Pokémon like Empoleon and Excadrill can also be effective choices. Additionally, Fire-type Pokémon like Chandelure and Reshiram can deal significant damage to Galarian Mr. Mime.

It’s worth noting that the shiny version of Galarian Mr. Mime can be obtained through raids. However, the chance of finding a shiny Galarian Mr. Mime is not increased in 3-star raids where it can be encountered. This means that finding a shiny Galarian Mr. Mime may require many attempts.

In summary, to defeat Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokémon GO, it is essential to have Pokémon that can withstand its Ice and Psychic-type attacks, such as Metagross or other Steel and Fire-type Pokémon. Remember that raiding with Galarian Mr. Mime is currently the best opportunity to find its shiny version. Good luck in your Pokémon GO adventures!