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    How are Golden Joysticks chosen?


    Nov 20, 2023
    How are Golden Joysticks chosen?

    Golden Joysticks are one of the most prestigious awards in the gaming industry, often referred to as the “People’s Awards for Games”. Every year, gamers eagerly await the announcement of winners in various categories, including Best Game, Best Multiplayer Game, and Best Independent Game. But have you ever wondered how these awards are chosen? Let’s take a closer look at the process of selecting Golden Joysticks.

    Voting Process

    Golden Joystick Awards are unique because they are fully decided by the gaming community. Unlike other award ceremonies that rely on industry professionals or critics’ input, Golden Joysticks put the power in the hands of the players. The voting process is open to anyone who wants to participate, allowing gamers from different backgrounds to voice their opinions.

    Categories and Nominees

    The awards cover a wide range of categories, providing recognition and celebration for all aspects of gaming. From Best Storyline to Best Gaming Hardware, everyone can find something to enjoy. Nominees in each category are carefully chosen by a panel of experts who take into account factors such as critical acclaim, commercial success, and overall impact on the industry.


    Q: Can I vote for multiple games in the same category?
    A: Yes, you can vote for multiple games in the same category. Golden Joysticks allow you to choose your favorite games without any restrictions.

    Q: How are the winners determined?
    A: The winners are exclusively determined based on the number of votes received. The game with the highest number of votes in each category is announced as the winner.

    Q: Can I vote for games released in previous years?
    A: No, Golden Joysticks only consider games released within the eligibility period, which usually covers the time from September of the previous year to August of the current year.

    Q: Are there any limitations on who can vote?
    A: Anyone can vote for the Golden Joysticks, as long as they have a valid email address. This ensures a fair and transparent voting process.

    In conclusion, Golden Joysticks truly reflect the preferences and opinions of the gaming community. By allowing gamers to directly influence the selection of winners, these awards hold a special place in the hearts of both players and creators. So, if you’re passionate about games, cast your vote and make yourself heard in the upcoming Golden Joystick Awards!