GTA 5: 10th Anniversary Update – New Additions and Bonuses

GTA 5: 10th Anniversary Update – New Additions and Bonuses

The long-awaited 10th anniversary update for GTA 5 is now available in Grand Theft Auto Online. In this event, players can acquire dedicated memorabilia related to the anniversary and also receive weekly bonuses. Although some fans were expecting a grand celebration for this milestone, Rockstar Games has only added a few things to commemorate the occasion. In this article, we will present the top five additions in the 10th anniversary update for GTA Online.

At fifth place, there are double rewards for high-paying missions. Rockstar Games has increased the payout for the missions “The Data Leaks” (Dr. Dre Contract) and Hangar Sell Missions, which are among the highest paying missions in the game. Players can earn double the amount of money and reputation points from these missions, with the Dr. Dre Contract offering around 2 million dollars in earnings this week.

In fourth place, players can receive free vehicles. Enus Deity, one of the most expensive vehicles in the game, can be won for free in the Diamond Casino & Resort. Additionally, the Maxwell Vagrant is available as a Prize Ride at the Los Santos Car Meet. These limited-time rewards give players a chance to own two expensive cars without spending a dime.

The third place on the list is the addition of special visual upgrades. Rockstar Games has introduced three new colors for various weapons, each representing one of the three main protagonists from GTA 5. These limited-time memorabilia must be acquired by logging into the game at least once before September 27, 2023.

Alongside the visual upgrades, players can also acquire special outfits that pay homage to the three protagonists of GTA 5. The Homie outfits represent Franklin Clinton, the Retired Criminal outfits symbolize Michael De Santa, and the Groupie outfits reference Trevor Philips. Like the weapon colors, these outfits are limited-time collectible items that can be permanently added to the character’s wardrobe by logging in before September 27, 2023.

Lastly, the most significant addition in the 10th anniversary update is the Bravado Hotring Hellfire vehicle. Based on the real-life model Dodge Challenger SRT TA2, this sports car reaches a maximum speed of 124.25 mph and can be used in various races, including Hotring races. With a price of 1,810,000 dollars, the Bravado Hotring Hellfire is considered the best offering in the game.

In conclusion, the 10th anniversary update for GTA Online, although not as extensive as some would expect, offers several exciting additions. From double rewards for high-paying missions, to free vehicles, special visual upgrades, outfits, and the Bravado Hotring Hellfire, players have plenty of new content to discover. Make sure to take advantage of these limited-time additions before they disappear.