Google Changes SEO Rules and Embraces Artificial Intelligence

Google Changes SEO Rules and Embraces Artificial Intelligence

Google, the tech giant, has made a decision to prioritize high-quality content regardless of whether it is generated by humans or artificial intelligence (AI).

In the latest Google update, changes have been made to the SEO rules. Previously known for supporting the idea of “content written by humans for humans,” it seems that this time AI is being taken into account.

The latest update to the “useful content” system includes a statement that Google is constantly monitoring “content created for humans.” Instead of the previous wording referring to “content written by humans,” different language is now used, indicating that the tech giant is starting to recognize AI as a content creation tool.

Google aims to focus on extracting “high-quality content” that benefits users, regardless of how it is created. In the meantime, the company is investing in artificial intelligence by introducing AI-based services such as the news generator and AI chatbot Bard, as well as experimental features in web search.

This latest move in the guidelines update aligns with the strategic direction adopted by Google. It continues to reward original and helpful content that is valuable to users.

However, John Mueller, the head of the Google Search Relations team, emphasized that those using AI for writing must be aware that it may generate content sourced from other websites. Repetitive and low-quality content generated by AI can be harmful, which is why creators and editors still play an important role in the content creation process. The lack of human involvement carries the risk of AI generating false or offensive information.