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    Germany and Italy Focus on Artificial Intelligence Regulations


    Nov 20, 2023
    Germany and Italy Focus on Artificial Intelligence Regulations

    Germany, France, and Italy, three countries of the European Union, have reached an agreement on regulating the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. According to details revealed by Reuters, the three countries support the introduction of binding commitments for both large and small companies operating in the AI sector in Europe.

    The European Commission, European Parliament, and the EU Council are currently negotiating how to regulate the growing AI industry. The proposals put forward by Germany, France, and Italy aim to accelerate these efforts.

    However, the difference between this agreement and previous proposals lies in the focus not on AI systems themselves, but on the regulations of their applications. The German Ministry of Economy emphasizes that regulations should not be imposed on AI systems as a whole, but rather on their specific applications.

    It is also important to note that the three countries reject the proposal of the European Parliament regarding the enforcement of a code of conduct solely for major AI providers, mostly from the USA. They believe that such preferential treatment for European providers could undermine their credibility and reduce the number of clients.

    Therefore, Germany, France, and Italy agree that the principles of conduct and transparency should be binding for all companies in the AI sector. However, in the case of serious violations of the code of conduct, the possibility of implementing a system of penalties is being considered.

    Important meetings related to artificial intelligence will take place in Germany in the coming days. The German government will organize a digital summit in Jena, followed by discussions between the governments of Germany and Italy in Berlin.