Gathering Junk in Bethesda Games – a Signature Feature of the Series

Gathering Junk in Bethesda Games – a Signature Feature of the Series

In Bethesda games, players’ inclination to collect items is a certainty. Whether they are potions, armors, or even ordinary everyday objects like pens and writing utensils, players tend to pick up everything they come across. This habit of gathering junk becomes particularly evident at the beginning of these games when players don’t yet have sufficient storage space.

One of the distinctive features of Bethesda games is the mess that accumulates when players gather their excess items on the floor of their spaceship or in their homes. Some players focus on collecting specific items, such as wheels of cheese and cabbages in Skyrim, leading to visually interesting displays. In Fallout 76, players even collected toilet paper, reflecting real-world events related to the pandemic.

What sets Bethesda games apart is the enormous amount of items available to collect. Especially Starfield offers a rich variety of items that contribute to the game’s atmosphere. Despite the lack of the ability to break down items into resources like in Fallout 4, players still feel the need to gather and hoard them. The carefully crafted graphics, unique designs, and realistic physics of these items make them even more tempting to collect.

While stacks of junk may be overwhelming for some players, for others, they are quintessential and defining features in games produced by Bethesda. The act of looting spaces and gathering various items is not just a gameplay mechanic but also a characteristic trait of these role-playing games.

Ultimately, gathering junk in Bethesda games is a beloved hallmark of this series. It adds depth, authenticity, and a unique sense of realism to the game world.