F1 23 Update Restores Classic Ferrari Livery

F1 23 Update Restores Classic Ferrari Livery

The latest F1 23 update brings back the classic Ferrari livery after a brief appearance of the special Racing Tribute edition. Update 1.12 also fixes several bugs and issues in the game to improve overall stability and gameplay.

The Racing Tribute livery, which celebrated Ferrari’s victory at Le Mans in 2023, added a touch of yellow to the traditional red and black Ferrari colors. Although it didn’t bring victory at Monza, this livery introduced some diversity to the traditional red of Ferrari. However, with the 1.12 update, Ferrari cars have returned to their standard livery from 2023, including the helmets and overalls of drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

In addition to the livery change, the F1 23 update 1.12 also includes various bug fixes. One significant bug fix addresses the car safety rules, which were not correctly applied after returning to race conditions. This issue has been resolved.

Other fixed issues include problems with unlocking objectives for some players in F1 World and preventing goal blocking under certain conditions. The incorrect order of F2 races during career mode saves has also been fixed, allowing players to participate in F2 in their first season as intended.

Other issues resolved in the 1.12 update include fixing the placement of DRS zones at Zandvoort, proper appearance of clouds and fog during races, adding support for feedback for the HORI Racing Wheel, correctly displaying items from the Podium Pass, and addressing brightness issues in windowed mode.

Overall, the F1 23 update 1.12 restores the traditional Ferrari livery while also fixing important bugs and issues to enhance the F1 player experience.