Digital Festival – Creative Meetings with New Technologies

Digital Festival – Creative Meetings with New Technologies

The Digital Festival is an event focused on education and new technologies. Over the course of six weeks, there will be many inspiring meetings, competitions, quizzes, webinars, and workshops.

A key part of the festival is the SkillUp Academy, a platform offering training that gradually introduces us to the world of new technologies. Thanks to it, we will be able to discover the diverse possibilities offered by the digital revolution. Another important element of the festival is the Knowledge Zone, where we will find answers to the most important questions about digitization and new technologies.

The SkillUp Academy is like a map for those who are seeking orientation in the digital world. On the platform, we receive knowledge and tips that are necessary to navigate in the dynamic world of technology. The Knowledge Zone, on the other hand, serves as a compass that guides us through the maze of digital novelties, trends, and innovations. Thanks to the festival, everyone will be able to acquire new digital skills and learn how to effectively use them in personal and professional life.

The Night of Innovation is an excellent opportunity to take a closer look at the latest technologies and visit places where unique solutions are being created. It’s a perfect chance for all those who want to see firsthand how technology is changing the world.

The Digital Festival is not only a place where you can gain knowledge and skills in the field of new technologies, but also a place of meetings and inspiration for all those interested in development in the digital era.