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    Defeat the Megabomb in Zombie Mode in Modern Warfare 3


    Nov 21, 2023
    Defeat the Megabomb in Zombie Mode in Modern Warfare 3

    Soldiers, get ready! Difficulties await you in defeating the Megabomb, a powerful three-headed mutant dog, in the zombie mode of Modern Warfare 3. This is the toughest boss in MW3, which will test your skills. But fear not, as we have prepared a set of strategies that will help you achieve victory over this mighty abomination.

    The Megabomb is located in a high-risk zone on the MWZ map, close to the river, on the southern side. Look to the opposite shore where the monster roams, or check the bridge on the northeast where it may also appear. Engaging the Megabomb from a distance is possible, but be cautious as it will attract powerful level three zombies. To make the fight easier, lure the boss into the medium-risk zone where you won’t be constantly bombarded by these deadly enemies.

    Now let’s look at the tactics that will help you defeat the Megabomb:

    1. Exploit its weak points: Aim for the shiny mouth of the Megabomb, its most vulnerable spot. Enhance your weapon with the Oil Ammo Mod to inflict additional damage over time. We also recommend upgrading your weapon by adding a second level. If you’re lucky, try using a charged weapon such as an LMG or Wonder Weapon.

    2. Cooperation is key: It’s beneficial to have a team with you as it brings crucial advantages. Besides the ability to revive each other, it allows for strategic coordination and diverts the Megabomb’s attention away from a single player.

    3. Defensive maneuvers: Stay vigilant and watch out for the Megabomb’s attacks and its deadly electric beam. Utilize nearby structures and buildings to maintain distance and find shelter when needed. This will give you valuable time to regenerate and plan your next move.

    4. Reinforce with Juggernaut: If you have enough essence, purchase the Juggernaut killstreak in the high-risk zone. Although it comes with risks, the Juggernaut and minigun provide significant advantages in the fight against the Megabomb. Otherwise, place a Sentry Gun on a nearby rooftop to increase your firepower.

    5. Win with Perk-A-Colas: If Juggernaut is out of reach, consider investing in Perk-A-Colas. Jugger-Nog is a crucial addition to increase your health, while Speed Cola and Deadshot Daiquiri will enhance your speed and accuracy, speeding up the boss’s downfall.

    As you prepare to face the Megabomb head-on, remember that mastering the zombie mode in MW3 requires practice, teamwork, and tailored strategies. Arm yourself with these tactics and let victory be yours in this epic battle against the formidable opponent.