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    Dangerous Experiments with Apple Vision Pro Glasses That Can End Badly


    Feb 10, 2024
    Okulary Apple Vision Pro – Niebezpieczne eksperymenty, które mogą się źle skończyć

    In recent weeks, there have been many speculations about Apple Vision Pro glasses, an innovative gadget that combines the environment with virtual reality. Unfortunately, more and more people are deciding to experiment with using them while driving, which not only poses a huge threat to road safety but is also strictly prohibited by the manufacturer.

    The issue gained publicity due to a viral video. The footage shows Dante Lentini, a Tesla driver, wearing Apple glasses while driving on the highway. Although the video gained millions of views and sparked immense interest, it’s important to note that the whole situation was just a joke. Lentini admitted that he had the glasses on for only a few seconds, and the police car that appeared at the end of the video did not stop him.

    However, the fact that this video became popular led many drivers to attempt to recreate the experiment. This irresponsible behavior not only violates traffic laws but also poses a real danger to other road users.

    Apple has clearly stated that using Vision Pro glasses while driving is strictly prohibited. It is important to remember that, in the case of Tesla vehicles with autonomous mode, drivers are still responsible for controlling the vehicle and responding to any system errors. Wearing Apple glasses only hinders full concentration on the road, which goes beyond common sense and safety.

    In conclusion, experimenting with wearing Apple Vision Pro glasses while driving is not only dangerous but also against the law. In the face of the risks to oneself and others, it’s worth refraining from such actions and paying attention to road safety. Let’s not allow jokes or the desire to attract attention to compromise the basic principles of safe driving.

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