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    Changes in Access to the mBank App on Older Phones


    Feb 12, 2024
    Zmiany w dostępie do aplikacji mBanku na starszych telefonach

    Mobile banking has become an essential tool in daily transactions, but what do you do when you suddenly lose access to your account on your phone? This is the question that mBank customers will now have to ask themselves, as the bank plans to disable the app for users of older phones.

    The bank’s decision will particularly affect owners of iPhones with iOS versions below 16.0 and smartphones with Android versions below 8.0. This means that owners of older devices that cannot be updated to the latest operating system versions will not be able to use the full functionality of the mBank app.

    Limiting access to the mobile app may be due to security reasons and the need to provide optimal service quality for users. The newer operating system updates include significant security and usability improvements. Older versions may be vulnerable to cyber attacks and may not meet the latest security standards.

    Although this change may be inconvenient for some customers, it is worth noting that the bank aims to provide the highest quality of service to its customers. However, there are alternative methods of accessing banking services, such as the bank’s website or a traditional visit to a physical branch. Nonetheless, it is worth considering upgrading your phone to be able to enjoy the full range of features offered by mobile banking.

    In the digital age, nurturing safe and responsible use of technology is extremely important. Whether we use mobile banking or not, we should always remember to protect our personal data and avoid suspicious messages or websites. The security of our information should always be a top priority.

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