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    Challenges of Traveling to Mars: Beyond the Earth’s Borders


    Feb 10, 2024
    Poza granicami Ziemi: Wyzwania podróży na Marsa

    Traveling to Mars certainly poses incredible challenges for us. While it is technically possible to build crewed vehicles that can reach Mars, there are many factors to consider.

    The first and crucial factor is, of course, the travel time. In the future, only a few people may fly to Mars at a time, but their journey will be much longer than Christopher Columbus’ voyage on the Santa Maria. Mars is not just a few weeks away from us like the islands Columbus discovered. We will have to endure months of continuous space travel.

    Travelers to Mars will spend most of their time in enclosed capsules without the possibility of breathing fresh air. The blue of our planet will be replaced by the redness of Mars, but we will have to wait much longer than Columbus and his crew waited to catch a glimpse of land.

    Another challenge is the amount of resources required. Everything we need must be brought with us, including fuel. We cannot rely on wind or cosmic currents like on the Santa Maria. We must have enough fuel for both accelerating and decelerating the vehicle on Mars. This significantly affects the vehicle’s mass and the duration of the journey.

    The final, but no less significant, challenge is the travel route. Unlike Columbus, we cannot simply sail directly to Mars. We have to choose a route that will allow us to reach Mars where it will be at the time of our arrival. The distance we will have to cover depends on the launch moment and the speed of our vehicle.

    In conclusion, traveling to Mars is not just a technical issue. We must thoroughly prepare ourselves for a long journey, lack of fresh air, limited resources, and unknown challenges. However, despite these difficulties, a journey to the Red Planet will undoubtedly help us broaden our horizons and uncover new mysteries of the cosmos.


    1. How long does the journey to Mars take?
    The journey to Mars can last for months, longer than Christopher Columbus’ voyage on the Santa Maria.

    2. What are the challenges of traveling to Mars?
    Traveling to Mars involves being enclosed in a capsule and not having the ability to breathe fresh air. We also need to bring all the necessary resources with us, including fuel.

    3. How does fuel affect the journey to Mars?
    Fuel is essential for both accelerating and decelerating the vehicle on Mars. Additionally, it affects the mass of the vehicle and the duration of the journey.

    4. What does the travel route to Mars look like?
    The travel route to Mars must be chosen to reach Mars at the time of arrival. The distance depends on the launch moment and the vehicle’s speed.


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