Celebrate Fortnite’s 6th Birthday in Chapter 4 Season 4!

Celebrate Fortnite’s 6th Birthday in Chapter 4 Season 4!

Fortnite players are gearing up to celebrate the game’s sixth anniversary with birthday challenges in Chapter 4 Season 4. One of the tasks, titled “Collect Birthday Presents!” involves finding and collecting three presents on the island. Presents can be found as Legendary loot on the ground or in chests scattered throughout the Battle Royale map. After collecting them, players can store the presents in their inventory and then open them using a pickaxe to reveal Epic or Legendary equipment.

To easily find birthday presents, players should head to named locations on the map, especially around Birthday Cakes. These locations have a higher spawn rate for presents, making them easier to collect.

Completing each birthday task rewards players with 20,000 XP, contributing to their overall progress. As part of the annual birthday event, Epic Games has also introduced other festive items such as Birthday Cakes and Balloons for players to enjoy.

For more tips and tricks on the latest Fortnite season, players can check out various available guide content, including how to quickly level up, how to earn V-Bucks, rarest skins in the game, and much more.

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