Best Mods for Starfield Game – Introducing New Possibilities in the Gaming World

Best Mods for Starfield Game – Introducing New Possibilities in the Gaming World

Starfield is generating a lot of excitement among the gaming community, and modders are wasting no time in creating exciting modifications that enhance the player’s experience on PC. While official mod support from Bethesda is expected in 2024, modders have already begun their work. Here are some of the best modifications for the Starfield game that are worth checking out:

1. StarUI Inventory Mod: This mod by M8r98a4f2 improves the appearance of inventory screens in the game, offering players more information at a glance. It features a compact display style, sortable columns with additional details, category item icons, and the ability to mass transfer items.

2. PlayStation Studios Splash Screen Mod: This humorous modification by chachinito replaces Bethesda’s logo video with the PlayStation Studios splash screen. Although Starfield is not available on Sony consoles, this mod adds a bit of fun to the game.

3. DualSense PS5 Icons Mod: For PlayStation fans, EASKATER has created a modification that replaces Xbox controller icons with their corresponding icons from the PS5. This allows players to use the DualSense controller, providing a more immersive gaming experience.

4. Todd Howard-related Mods: In tribute to Starfield’s director, Todd Howard, several modifications have celebrated his presence. Players have replaced portraits, the Starfield logo, flashlight textures, and even recreated Todd Howard himself in the character creator.

5. Achievement Enabler Mod: This mod by Brunpha allows the installation of modifications without disabling achievements. This means that players can enjoy both mods and achievements simultaneously.

6. DLSS Mod: PureDark’s mod – Starfield Upscaler – adds DLSS2 or DLSS3 support (NVIDIA image smoothing technology) to the game, thereby improving graphics. This mod introduces DLSS support, which is currently lacking in the base version of the game.

7. Value to Weight Ratio Sort Option Mod: This mod by tomlikesguitar helps players manage their inventory by allowing them to sort items based on their value and weight. This makes it easier to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard.

8. Remove Scanner Circle Mod: TheWireLord’s mod eliminates the circular scan display, providing a cleaner and more immersive experience while exploring the beautiful worlds of Starfield.

9. Unlimited Traders Mod: This mod by Oogabooga66 ensures that traders in Starfield have unlimited financial resources and stock, saving players time by avoiding the limitations of the game’s basic trading system.

10. Starfield FOV Mod: For players who prefer a wider field of view, modders like Hellstorm102 have added an FOV slider to the game. This allows players to customize the camera to their preferences and reduce motion sickness effects.

These modifications offer a multitude of enhancement possibilities, ranging from improved inventory management to the addition of visual and gameplay elements. However, remember to download modifications from trusted sources to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.