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    Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Sector: Limitations and Perspectives


    Nov 21, 2023
    Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Sector: Limitations and Perspectives

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a crucial element for the development and technological progress of the banking sector. Simple AI solutions have been implemented for years, such as data segmentation, debt collection support, and portfolio management. However, regulations have not kept pace with technological advancements, limiting the possibilities of utilizing AI in banks.

    Dr. Tadeusz Białek, the President of the Polish Banks Association (ZBP), pointed out that current laws require customer consent for the use of various solutions, including those aimed at enhancing security. This means that not all new technologies, including artificial intelligence, can be seamlessly applied in banks.

    An example of such limitation is behavioral biometrics, which tracks customer behaviors such as mouse movements or typing patterns. Although these are not personal data, the use of this technology requires consent in Poland, as it effectively detects criminals attempting to impersonate bank customers.

    Another aspect hindered by consent requirements is AI-based hyperpersonalization. Geolocation, as one of the elements of hyperpersonalization, is also subject to regulations and requires customer consent. Dr. Białek believes that hyperpersonalization is inevitable in banking practice, but its development is hindered by these limitations.

    Cybersecurity is an important issue for both the banking and AI sectors. Dr. Białek emphasized that banks are constantly racing against criminals and consistently winning. However, criminals are increasingly exploiting new technologies, as well as social engineering and manipulation, where technological tools may not always be effective. In such situations, the common sense of the customer is crucial.

    In response to these threats, banks are conducting extensive educational campaigns to enhance customers’ resilience against criminal activities. With the development of AI technology, the banking sector must continue to adapt to regulations, prioritize customer security, and pursue criminals by implementing new technologies and employing common sense.