Are We Ready for Artificial Intelligence? Study Shows We’re Not Quite There Yet

Are We Ready for Artificial Intelligence? Study Shows We’re Not Quite There Yet

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly present in our lives, but are we ready for it? A study conducted by Workday suggests that despite significant investments, many companies are not adequately prepared to embrace this technology.

73% of surveyed managers believe that AI and machine learning will impact global business landscapes within the next three years. However, the ability of companies to fully leverage the potential of AI is limited due to insufficient resources. While companies are investing a lot of money in this technology, the expected benefits such as increased productivity, data-driven decision-making, and improved collaboration are not yet evident.

46% of companies admit that it is difficult to speak about meaningful AI outcomes and express concerns about the credibility of this technology. There is a need for greater transparency, but building trust comes with a high cost, resulting in a lack of effectiveness. Furthermore, the introduction of AI has happened too quickly, and employees have not had sufficient skills and time to understand and utilize these tools.

The study also reveals that many employees pretend to have more knowledge about AI than they actually do. Brad Stratton, CTO of Workday, recommends implementing solutions based on clear data to enable companies to take advantage of the diverse benefits offered by AI.

Our ability to harness the power of AI is still limited, and it will take much time before this changes. However, the development of artificial intelligence is inevitable and significant for the technological revolution. It is important for companies to invest in appropriate resources and training to effectively utilize AI and enhance their competitiveness.