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    Apple is preparing a revolution in artificial intelligence


    Feb 11, 2024
    Apple przygotowuje rewolucję w dziedzinie sztucznej inteligencji

    Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, surprised everyone by revealing the company’s plans for the development of artificial intelligence. During a meeting with Wall Street analysts, Cook admitted that Apple is investing heavily in AI and intends to showcase the results of these efforts as early as 2024.

    In the past, Apple had been rather tight-lipped about its involvement in AI, focusing primarily on improving the iOS system. However, the company has now decided to take a risk and enter the field of artificial intelligence. Tim Cook emphasized that generative AI presents a tremendous opportunity for Apple, and there are many things they are extremely excited about and intend to showcase later this year.

    Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in the technology industry, so it is not surprising that many giants already have their own AI projects. Last year, Nvidia, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and other market leaders also focused on the development of this field. Now it’s Apple’s turn, as they plan to introduce a new model of the iPhone enriched with AI-based features.

    Detailed information about Apple’s plans is still unknown, but it is not impossible for the company to surprise users with something revolutionary. Apple is known for its innovative solutions, so we can expect that their contribution to the development of artificial intelligence can bring about many interesting changes in our daily lives.

    We eagerly await further information regarding Apple’s AI endeavors. The year 2024 may turn out to be a breakthrough for this technology, with Apple playing a crucial role in it.