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    Why Does Venom Despise the Color Red?

    ByKamil Dominiak

    lis 20, 2023
    Why Does Venom Despise the Color Red?

    Venom, the anti-hero that has fascinated fans for years, has recently unveiled an unexpected and peculiar aversion to the color red. This revelation has left both experts and enthusiasts puzzled, as Venom’s disdain for a specific color is unprecedented. While the speculation surrounding this peculiar behavior continues, let us delve into the mystery behind Venom’s newfound hatred for red.

    Unearthing Venom’s Origins

    Venom, a mesmerizing fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe, burst onto the scene in 1984 in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man. This sentient alien symbiote initially bonded with Spider-Man, augmenting his powers while simultaneously corrupting his moral compass. After Spider-Man successfully rid himself of the symbiote, it found a new host in Eddie Brock, ultimately birthing the infamous Venom.

    The Enigma of Red

    While Venom’s repulsion towards the color red may seem arbitrary, various theories offer insight into this peculiar trait. One hypothesis suggests that the red color serves as a triggering factor due to its connection with Spider-Man, the symbiote’s former host. Given the inseparable history between Venom and Spider-Man, it is plausible that the symbiote harbors a deep-seated resentment towards its previous partner.

    Another theory posits that the color red might wield a profound physiological effect on the symbiote. As we know, symbiotes are particularly vulnerable to sonic and fire-based assaults. Some experts hypothesize that the association of red with heat and danger sparks a defensive response within Venom, causing it to react aggressively.

    The Intricate Questions

    Fans have raised several pertinent inquiries regarding Venom’s newfound aversion to red. Is this aversion a recent development? Yes, it was recently unveiled in the comics, surprising readers and experts alike. Does Venom despise all shades of red? Although it remains uncertain, Venom has exhibited a strong aversion to the color in general. Will Venom’s repulsion impact his interactions with other characters? It is plausible that this new aversion might alter the dynamics of his relationships, particularly those with characters who frequently don red costumes, such as Spider-Man.

    As the enigma surrounding Venom’s hatred for red continues to enthrall fans, we eagerly await how this peculiar trait will shape the future storylines of this multifaceted and enigmatic anti-hero. Whether rooted in deep-seated animosity or a physiological response, Venom’s aversion to red adds an intriguing layer to an already complex character.